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Product Specifications

Work Positioning System

The mesh size on a work positioning net is smaller than that of a fall arrest net constructed to EN 1263-1. WPN nets have a 40mm² mesh size, this allows for greater tension and therefore stability than the standard 100mm² fall arrest mesh size and it is also not possible for feet to slip through.

WPN Nets is formed from knotted 4mm polyester cord (MBL 470 kg). The overall system strength is greater with knots (as opposed to interwoven constructions) and also provides a more slip-resistant finish.

Standard overall WPN Net sizes are 8m x 4m, 4m x 4m, 4m x 3m and 4m x 2m, with smaller nets being available for “patching” and filling around obstacles. The load capacity for a standard 4m x 4m net is 8000kg MBL.

The edge finish on all sizes of WPN Net is the same: Interwoven with 1600kg MBL polyester tape or rope, which is over-lock stitched with 1.5mm polyester thread.

Each net is supplied with 4 test “patches” attached for annual destructive load testing, this is the same requirement as fall arrest netting primarily to test for ultraviolet degradation.


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